Update for May 22, 2019

Another day, another rework of all this. Latest adventure has been to move everything off gluster and on to OpenAFS. Performance is terrible, but it does have a bit more control, permissions-wise. Actually... it has a lot more control when it comes to permissions. It takes a ritual to make files accessible by anyone or anything other than administrators. Whether I will stick with it... who knows.

Now... it does have some nice features. In particular, the ability to access the files from Windows, and the ability to get a local experience while working remotely.

Another couple of notes. After experiencing AFS for a few hours... I do see some of its utility. One of its design goals was to efficiently handle lots of small files, and more specifically, small random reads. Sure enough, its performance beats everything else I’ve dealt with in that regard. Another change... completely unrelated... I have decided to get back into using FrameMaker. In fact, this paragraph was added by using FrameMaker.