Random notes for the day/week/month/whatever

The weekend was quiet, though I did pickup a few hours on call for someone who really wanted to go biking with his wife. Probably not a euphemism. I mean... it would be pretty weird if it was, as they were actually at the bike track.

Bought a used ML186 off ebay as I wanted a small dot matrix printer that can handle roll paper and didn't want to spend much for it. Roll paper is cheap. Custom printed roll paper (i.e. with a Havardgram logo on the border) is also relatively cheap.

Finished a game of Stellaris in Ironman mode. I lucked out with a ridiculously mineral-rich galaxy so my main problem was actually not enough resource storage. Despite the fact my sprawl was 15x my administrative capacity, I was +1k on all normal resources practically the whole game. It took four solid nights of play to win by conquest. It wasn't all that fun, though it does show that It Can Be Done™.