AN/UGC-129(V)1 Ideas

Picked up an AN/UGC-129(V)1 teleprinter through eBay.  It's a mid-80s design, and was produced up til the mid to late 90s. The electronics are modular, so it may be possible to do a brain swap on the thing. Not entirely necessary, as the MIL-STD-188C is essentially RS-232. The ultimate goal is to implement the Net Intex Basic Terminal. There are several ways to accomplish this.

The electronics are modular. It shuold be possible to replace the CPU and RAM modules with something a bit more modern and have it talk to the other modules. This would require reverse engineering the interaction between the CPU, keyboard, and printer, and would replace the external I/O capabilities. By doing so, I can replace the expensive MIL-spec connectors with something a bit more reasonably priced.  Most likely, I would want to drop in a Beagle Bone or something along those lines for the outside world communications, and if possible, use it to drive the rest of the unit. More likely, though, the electronics would require more GPIO with tighter timings than some random ARM linux can provide. In that case, a couple of PICs would interface with the... hang on... this sounds like an awful lot of work. Let's look at option two...

Now, for the second option, we leave the 129 mostly as is... replacing the expensive connectors with something a bit more reasonable, say an Amphenol RJF-series connector for the serial ports. The NIBT features would still be provided by a Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, or some other suitably small device, but that device would be in an external box.

That second option definitely seems to be the better choice.