Making some changes

Switched the font from PxPlus IBM VGA9 to B612 Mono as the B612 font gives us the normal four styles should I need it, and it actually scales since it isn't all pixely. It was a fun experiment originally, but I think I am moving on. While I was at it, switched from the preformatted listing to a <table>, then widened the layout to 720px.

With the Canon 20D being lost for over three years... I think it's safe to assume it's gone. With that in mind, I purchased a well-used Canon EOS 1Ds. The camera was released in 2002, and manufactured up until the time of the 20D where it was eventually replaced with the 1Ds Mark II. And it still carries a price over $100. Pretty crazy. I can only assume my old camera bag will show up as soon as I buy replacements for the three lenses that were lost. The 50mm f/1.4, the 100mm f/2, and the pan-galactic 75-300 zoom that everyone has.