I have a camera again!

As mentioned in my previous post, I bought a well-loved Canon EOS 1Ds. Although I have yet to run around for a whole weekend to some Neat spot... I have of course taken plenty of shots around the house. See... there were problems. First things first... I was not able to find any of my old 4GB CompactFlash cards. What I was able to scrounge up were a handful of 64MB, 256MB, and one single 1GB card. As every single shot results in a file of at least 10MB... those cards are not sufficient at all. Solution? Find the largest possible card supported by the camera... which is 8GB... and wait. Also... the batteries that came with the camera had a problem holding a charge, and were not consistent. I could get a handful of shots on a charge. Solution? Buy replacement batteries. So... I finally had some 8GB cards on Wednesday, and a pair of new batteries on Thursday.

With working batteries and CF cards in hand... I just wasn't feeling it, despite the great weather, so I explored the yard a bit. My mini azaleas are starting to bloom, so of course I'm going to grab a few shots of that.

My next step is to setup something like Piwigo, or perhaps pay $60/year for a Flickr Pro account in order to post pictures. Then again... I could always do something like this... write an actual article and then interweave the photos like this, linking to the full sized versions. Perhaps, once again, the best software is no software?