Ive had worse

Apparently Apple has fully parted ways with Jony Ive. I guess it turns out he ran out of ways to make things thinner and with fewer buttons.


Was looking at Gutenberg blocks, and one mentioned how it was tested with some common WP themes, and one of those themes was GeneratePress. Out of the box it’s a pretty basic blog setup, which I absolutely love. It’s also block-friendly for the content-free future we live in. The PostX and PublishPress blocks are all … (Read more)

I wonder…

Is there a plugin to bring livejournal-style moods to wordpress?

I should go to bed

It’s late. But I was working on someone else’s stuff at the office tonight. Which meant it was too late for me to enjoy my usual Monday night routine. But I did at least tinker around with an OpenQM project. Yeah, I know Pascal, Date, and Darwen are looking at me funny right about now. … (Read more)

Call To Action Buy My Stuff

Apparently blogging was never about sharing knowledge and experience or writing for personal enrichment. I have been wrong all these years. The sole purpose of blogging is marketing. There is no higher calling than revenue generation. Apparently I must have a call to action or my family will starve: There, are you happy? Can I … (Read more)

The missing piece for managing multiple WordPress installs: MainWP

MainWP - The Private WordPress Manager

Anyone that has dealt with WordPress’s multisite feature will know how disappointing it is in practice. While the concept of managing multiple WordPress sites from one single dashboard is alluring, the actual implementation is unusable in most circumstances. Your only alternative for an optimal experience is to use independent WordPress installs. The only problem is … (Read more)

To the cloud: An email consolidation nightmare

For $ome rea$on, the telco and cable ISPs moved their email over to Yahoo many years ago. Ultimately, about a third of all email users are using Yahoo’s email infrastructure. Then google came along and said, “You can have a free webmail account with one whole gigabyte of storage for free, trust us”, Google ended … (Read more)

Mobile devices

Old BlackBerry is the only mobile device to ever get alerts right. This is because it started out as a pager. Windows CE / Windows Mobile had the best home screen of any mobile device. My thought is that their goal was to simply provide the information the user needed without trying to monetize eyeballs … (Read more)

L-Type Records

The problem: How do I join two tables in OpenQM? Solution: L-Type Records Let’s say we have a couple of tables files, SKUS and VENDORS LIST DICT SKUS Page 1 @ID……… TYPE LOC……….. CONV.. NAME…….. FORMAT S/M ASSOC… @ID D 0 SKUS 10L S DESCR D 1 Description 24L S VENDORS D 2 8R M … (Read more)