Minor frustrations

Pain & Suffering

Surveying the damage on the bot after the event. At first, I thought the weapon was warped as it definitely wobbles when spun. It is not warped. It is perfectly flat. Seems that maybe I ruined some bearings or the pulley is even more ruined than initially thought. I left most of the tools in … (Read more)

USPS delivers early

I know everyone gives @usps grief, and I certainly want to know the why when something takes a week and half to travel a couple of hours away, but rarely do we say anything when something goes right. I had a package that came Parcel Select. It was scheduled to be delivered Friday, assuming everything … (Read more)

Bad news, good news

A perfectly normal beater bar

The bad news is that I chose a timing pulley that is way too small for the shaft of my weapon motor. Basically, if I drill it out it will be just teeth. Oops! The good news is that I have a lathe, plenty of bar stock, and a handful of other belts I can … (Read more)

Currently working on…

I am tinkering around with OpenQM. It’s the only NoSQL database that is worth the effort. I seriously hope that Rocket Software won’t screw it up, but I think we all know what happens when an affordable product is purchased by some other company. Then again, the sell of OpenQM from Ladybridge to Zumasys didn’t … (Read more)