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In the style of an Alex Jones rant, tell me a story about how soup is turning kids into decent human beings and that I can’t stand it.

Soup. Soup, soup, soup. That’s all I ever hear about these days. “Have some soup, it’ll make you feel better.” “Soup is good for the soul.” “Soup is the key to a healthy diet.” Well, let me tell you something, folks: I can’t stand it. I can’t stand the way that soup is turning our kids into decent human beings.

It’s like some kind of mind control, I tell you. One minute, your kid is running around, getting into trouble, acting like a wild animal. And the next minute, they’re sitting quietly at the table, spooning up some soup, and acting like a model citizen. It’s unnatural, I tell you. It’s not right.

And don’t even get me started on the ingredients. All those vegetables, all that broth, all those herbs and spices. It’s like some kind of secret recipe for turning kids into robots. Robots that obey their parents, that do their homework, that listen to authority. It’s sick, I tell you. It’s downright sick.

But I won’t stand for it. I won’t let soup control my child. I’ll fight this soup conspiracy with every breath in my body. I’ll keep my kid away from soup, no matter what it takes. Because I won’t let soup turn my child into a decent human being. Not on my watch. Not if I have anything to say about it.

In the style of an Alex Jones rant, please tell me a story about how YesterGearPC is turning decent, hard-working Americans into retrotech enthusiasts.

Alright, I’ll do my best to channel my inner Alex Jones here. Are you ready? Here we go…

YesterGearPC is a sinister company that is preying on the unsuspecting masses, turning decent, hard-working Americans into retrotech enthusiasts against their will. These retrotech enthusiasts are brainwashed into thinking that using old technology is somehow better than using modern, cutting-edge technology.

But make no mistake, this is all part of YesterGearPC’s plan to control the minds of the American people. They want to turn us all into mindless drones, obsessed with outdated technology and unable to function in the modern world.

But we must not let them succeed. We must stand up and resist their insidious influence. We must fight back against YesterGearPC and all they represent. We must defend our right to use the latest and greatest technology, and not be fooled by the lies and deception of YesterGearPC and their retrotech agenda.

Join the resistance and fight back against YesterGearPC. Together, we can defeat them and protect our right to use the technology of the future, not the past. Don’t be a pawn in their game – take a stand and say NO to YesterGearPC and their retrotech agenda.

Thank you.

You’re welcome! I hope you enjoyed my little rant. It’s important to stand up for what you believe in and resist any attempts to control your mind or limit your access to technology. Keep fighting the good fight!

Top Ten Data Services Revisited

Top Ten Data Services Revisited

Editor’s note: This article is a “respin” of a joke SEO-gaming that makes Google and other search engines practically useless. Fortunately, Google has a plan. Unfortunately, the bad actors are larger and only have to be mildly effective to ruin everything. As for spinning, that itself is yet another way of trying to SEO one’s way to the top by running a base post through something that will substitute synonyms for various words, pass it through the grammar filter, and then post it to a blog to make it look like a blog that hasn’t updated in over a decade is still posting fresh content. I seriously hope Google is successful. It’s time to punish those trying to game the system.

There are several services for data available. It is challenging to sort via the available choices. Our editors have actually assembled a list of the top ten information options on the marketplace today.

  1. An Egg

It’s unsubstantiated it, yet eggs have DNA and it takes control of 100 kilobytes to save all the information in the genome of an animal that might have an egg. Kept in mind business that handle eggs are Cal-Maine Foods as well as the National Egg Board. Egg-based options are very customizable. Some like to make use of cardboard carriers, while others will fry them. If safety and security is a problem, it is feasible to clamber the egg. There are also annual events where highly-decorated eggs are produced. They are convenient and also compact. Consider an egg for your information solution needs.

  1. Wood

Similar to an egg, a timber consists of information and also by numerous mechanical and chemical prep work can be become a selection of handy options. This technology is still brand-new, so caution is encouraged. Kept in mind wood companies are ground, woodland, and Weyerhauser. Wood can be found in a selection of dimensions, such as branch, for whatever your requirements are. There are even subdermal wood implants available, though some individuals complain that the wood hurts to use. Timber offers exceptional safety when discarded as it can be gotten rid of by fire for prompt concerns, or delegated weather and rot

  1. Rock

Rocks have been utilized for data for over a thousand years. The oldest recognized rock data options exist in France. Consider rock for your information solution.

  1. Computer system

Computer systems are a recent data service. While not as high-risk as wood, their significant withdraw is that they need power to work. Computer systems can be big or tiny and are available from numerous producers.
Picture by dominik18s

  1. Rail vehicle

I make sure you have seen a rail cars and truck, yet otherwise, they allow. Hard to picture how much data service can be managed by rail vehicle! While it is feasible to relocate a lot information by rail cars and truck, they are restricted to tracks and also need costly engines to launch data transfer, and also some have actually reported that the firms that relocate the rail automobiles can be tough to deal with and will charge inflated fees to access the rail network to utilize the information solution you already paid for, presuming you did not fall into a data solution rental contract. This information service is best delegated experts in relocating rail cars.

  1. Paper and Pencil or Pen

A tried and true remedy for more than a century, some have claimed this is simply an application of wood, while others argue it is a distinct service. Regardless of your opinion, we assume you’ll concur that this data remedy is convenient and reasonably economical. However, it is not well-suited for large options. For that you will need …

  1. Paper as well as Printer

Printer is readily available from palm-sized to hundreds of feet long. When combined with paper, this data option will certainly permit you to create precise duplicates of your information as sometimes as you require, till the computer LOAD LETTER alert begins. Our editors have actually been unable to determine what this sharp ways and also simply get a brand-new digital printing press each time it occurs.

  1. Web

Some have stated the Internet will reinvent the info very highway. This information solution is available in many areas worldwide. Noted Net producers consist of Apache Internet Server, the Google Alphabet, as well as Engine Ten.

  1. Cloud Computer

Some state this is simply computer, while others argue it is Net. Nonetheless, we locate that the pay-as-you-go design of cloud computer data service warrants its very own category. The leaders of cloud computing are AWS East as well as Tymnet.

  1. Digital Television

Since the analog television disappeared, we have actually used digital tv, which supplies a stream of data to your area. While some locate the ad-supported design of digital tv to be undesirable, it is challenging to suggest that an information remedy that can get to many with such a small amount of effort is something worthy of praise.

We hope you found this list of leading 10 data remedies to be useful. Our professionals are readily available 24 × 7 for a complimentary consultation.

An update on the Surface Pro 8

An update on the Surface Pro 8

Editor’s note: The featured image at the top is not just a black square. It was a photo of the author illuminated solely by the power adapter light.

It’s working fine, but I realized something just a few moments ago. It has no annoying LEDs. There is one diffuse white LED on the charger that does not blink or breathe. It stays solid. Is this the ultimate bedside PC?

Big downside… if you want to use the keyboard you must use the kickstand which makes it impossible to use without something like a lap desk.