An update on the Surface Pro 8

It’s working fine, but I realized something just a few moments ago. It has no annoying LEDs. There is one diffuse white LED on the charger that does not blink or breathe. It stays solid. Is this the ultimate bedside PC? Big downside… if you want to use the keyboard you must use the kickstand … (Read more)

What if…

What if, in the name of security, we forced systems to be connected to the public internet and added a fragile dependency to an online service? I bet people would pay $3/user/month or more for the privilege.

One of many reasons to stay off social media

A big shout out to the stupidly wealthy out there that have the common decency to keep their private matters private. Also, a big shout out to the normal folk out there that do the same. This stupid world we live in… minor interpersonal drama is now international news. Just stop it.

Script for a review of those freeze pops from McMaster

(OPEN ON WEB CAM WITH GAMER HEADSET ON) Oh hey guys, Havard here. I just made this review and I have no idea how it went so I’m going to watch it for the very first time with you. I won’t keep you waiting, so here we go. (look intently towards monitor) (WEB CAM SHRINKS … (Read more)

I wonder…

Is there a plugin to bring livejournal-style moods to wordpress?

I should go to bed

It’s late. But I was working on someone else’s stuff at the office tonight. Which meant it was too late for me to enjoy my usual Monday night routine. But I did at least tinker around with an OpenQM project. Yeah, I know Pascal, Date, and Darwen are looking at me funny right about now. … (Read more)

Killing off one project, developing skills for work

At the day job I am responsible for running some web servers. The most common piece of software used for running sites? Oddly enough, none. About 60% of the customers use static HTML. Second most common is WordPress. Recently, we are taking on a rather large WordPress site, so it would be a good idea to work with it regularly, break it, make it work better, and all that, so I can make customers happy.

(Read more)