You must take the most efficient route

A random route somewhere in Nebraska, I think. Not an example of anything.

You get this nice scenic route planned out. It took a few hours, but it’s perfect. Somehow, it’s actually 15 minutes faster than Google’s most efficient route. You send it to your phone and start the trip. But Google Maps knows the more efficient route. You need to use that one. You must take the … (Read more)

What if…

What if, in the name of security, we forced systems to be connected to the public internet and added a fragile dependency to an online service? I bet people would pay $3/user/month or more for the privilege.

Top 10 Data Solutions

There are many solutions for data out there. It is difficult to sort through the available choices. Our editors have compiled a list of the top ten data solutions on the market today. 10. An Egg It’s hard to believe it, but eggs contain DNA and it takes over 100 kilobytes to store all the … (Read more)

Call To Action Buy My Stuff

Apparently blogging was never about sharing knowledge and experience or writing for personal enrichment. I have been wrong all these years. The sole purpose of blogging is marketing. There is no higher calling than revenue generation. Apparently I must have a call to action or my family will starve: There, are you happy? Can I … (Read more)