New Gadget: Surface Pro 8

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, there were all sorts of fun exciting gadgets. However, with the advent of the smartphone, in particular the BlackBerry and later the iPhone, there was a bit of consolidation. MP3 player? Is phone. Trail GPS? Is phone. Car nav? Is phone. Camera? Is phone. Phone? Eh, well, … (Read more)

You must take the most efficient route

A random route somewhere in Nebraska, I think. Not an example of anything.

You get this nice scenic route planned out. It took a few hours, but it’s perfect. Somehow, it’s actually 15 minutes faster than Google’s most efficient route. You send it to your phone and start the trip. But Google Maps knows the more efficient route. You need to use that one. You must take the … (Read more)

What if…

What if, in the name of security, we forced systems to be connected to the public internet and added a fragile dependency to an online service? I bet people would pay $3/user/month or more for the privilege.

Top 10 Data Solutions

There are many solutions for data out there. It is difficult to sort through the available choices. Our editors have compiled a list of the top ten data solutions on the market today. 10. An Egg It’s hard to believe it, but eggs contain DNA and it takes over 100 kilobytes to store all the … (Read more)

One of those days


Ever have one of those days where every minor thing just gets under your nerves? Today was definitely one of those days, so of course twitter decided to send me a notification that hey, maybe I should totally check out this tweet that I may have missed despite the fact it was the top tweet on my timeline.

Let me get this straight…

Desktop sales are down, because everyone is using mobile. But also, mobile sales are down because nobody can spend $1000 every year for a stupid piece of plastic and glass. So what is everyone doing? Going back to passing notes in class or something?

The joys of Windows updates

Tea infusing into water

Now obviously on a server you don’t want updates to be installed at some random time, along with random reboots. I mean, it will be like that out of the box, with mission critical servers rebooting at 2pm because of… reasons… but with a GPO or a few config changes you can fix that until … (Read more)

Ive had worse

Apparently Apple has fully parted ways with Jony Ive. I guess it turns out he ran out of ways to make things thinner and with fewer buttons.

To the cloud: An email consolidation nightmare

For $ome rea$on, the telco and cable ISPs moved their email over to Yahoo many years ago. Ultimately, about a third of all email users are using Yahoo’s email infrastructure. Then google came along and said, “You can have a free webmail account with one whole gigabyte of storage for free, trust us”, Google ended … (Read more)