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I am tinkering around with OpenQM. It’s the only NoSQL database that is worth the effort. I seriously hope that Rocket Software won’t screw it up, but I think we all know what happens when an affordable product is purchased by some other company. Then again, the sell of OpenQM from Ladybridge to Zumasys didn’t … (Read more)


Was looking at Gutenberg blocks, and one mentioned how it was tested with some common WP themes, and one of those themes was GeneratePress. Out of the box it’s a pretty basic blog setup, which I absolutely love. It’s also block-friendly for the content-free future we live in. The PostX and PublishPress blocks are all … (Read more)

The missing piece for managing multiple WordPress installs: MainWP

MainWP - The Private WordPress Manager

Anyone that has dealt with WordPress’s multisite feature will know how disappointing it is in practice. While the concept of managing multiple WordPress sites from one single dashboard is alluring, the actual implementation is unusable in most circumstances. Your only alternative for an optimal experience is to use independent WordPress installs. The only problem is … (Read more)

Killing off one project, developing skills for work

At the day job I am responsible for running some web servers. The most common piece of software used for running sites? Oddly enough, none. About 60% of the customers use static HTML. Second most common is WordPress. Recently, we are taking on a rather large WordPress site, so it would be a good idea to work with it regularly, break it, make it work better, and all that, so I can make customers happy.

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