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Has it been 24 years already?

The joys of Windows updates

The joys of Windows updates

Now obviously on a server you don’t want updates to be installed at some random time, along with random reboots. I mean, it will be like that out of the box, with mission critical servers rebooting at 2pm because of… reasons… but with a GPO or a few config changes you can fix that until Microsoft makes it impossible without paying a monthly fee to not have them screw up your servers.

So you’re running updates. You click the button to dowload and install updates. It begins to download and install updates.

You come back five minutes later and… it isn’t installing updates and the button is just sitting there as if it had never been clicked.

Now usually this is because it installs a servicing stack update or something else that will cause the update-related services to restart, but man oh man is it annoying.

I can only imagine the programmer responsible for this is the same one responsible for adding copper to Minecraft.

Killing off one project, developing skills for work

At the day job I am responsible for running some web servers. The most common piece of software used for running sites? Oddly enough, none. About 60% of the customers use static HTML. Second most common is WordPress. Recently, we are taking on a rather large WordPress site, so it would be a good idea to work with it regularly, break it, make it work better, and all that, so I can make customers happy.