The Seven Sages Project

Has it been 24 years already?

Something ain't right here.

Wow, a life changing experience!

I can’t believe how much my life has improved after reading this blog. The way he occasionally talks about combat robotics and other things had me, but the photos over on the image gallery took me to another level. And you can believe me, because I’m a totally really person.


Rant-filled blogs are destroying our families

Ladies and gentlemen, the rise of blogs full of rants is tearing apart the very fabric of the nuclear family. Don't believe me? Just look at the evidence. First of all, have you ever noticed how ranting blogs are always filled with anger and hate? This toxic energy is...

The scourge of inkjet printers will ruin america

Ladies and gentlemen, wake up and smell the ink! Inkjet printers are a deep state conspiracy, designed to control and manipulate the minds of the masses. Don't believe me? Just look at the facts. First of all, have you ever noticed how inkjet printers are always...

The Zen of automobile maintenance

The oil in one's car flows like a river, constantly moving and changing. To keep the car running smoothly, the oil must be changed periodically. This is like the flow of time, always moving forward and requiring us to adapt and change with it. What is the sound of the...

Fun with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

In the style of an Alex Jones rant, tell me a story about how soup is turning kids into decent human beings and that I can't stand it. Soup. Soup, soup, soup. That's all I ever hear about these days. "Have some soup, it'll make you feel better." "Soup is good for the...


Kodak Technical Publication Z-119
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cross posting test

cross posting test

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