I am tinkering around with OpenQM. It’s the only NoSQL database that is worth the effort. I seriously hope that Rocket Software won’t screw it up, but I think we all know what happens when an affordable product is purchased by some other company. Then again, the sell of OpenQM from Ladybridge to Zumasys didn’t end the world. The QM projects are all little toys, so I will be highly unlikely to post anything about those until they turn into something more interesting.

Also working on the the bot(s). Currently Waiting On Parts from SendCutSend. I also have a backup plan… a Jolt! kit on the way… but Absolute Chaos is waiting on parts…

Next thing… working on WordPress. I have a nice setup right now that is very fast for anybody that isn’t logged in. I want to make it scale horizontally. Not because I need to, but because… why not?

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