The Seven Sages Project

Has it been 24 years already?

Ever have one of those days where every minor thing just gets under your nerves? Today was definitely one of those days, so of course twitter decided to send me a notification that hey, maybe I should totally check out this tweet that I may have missed despite the fact it was the top tweet on my timeline. I think that is the last straw. I’m done with twitter. They are so desperate to extract and exploit just one more second of eyeball time they will show you what is literally at the top of your timeline.

In its earliest incarnation, twitter was a very short form mobile blogging platform. The 140 character limit combined with the original SMS interface meant it was effectively no more than an away message for life. Over time, it just turned into an outrage factory. I tried to whittle down my follows, mute words and phrases that were annoying, decline to follow any topics, but no, the noise continues. There are noisy promoted posters trying to let us know about some unknown pop darling nobody has heard about… and I block them. And reblock them, because apparently if you give twitter money they will unblock accounts. All the while, I’m reminded that every minor slight is somehow literally worse than Hitler, and that whatever good I try to do just isn’t good enough.

Existing on twitter is being on the bad end of an abusive relationship. I’m done. Well, okay, I’m not 100% done with twitter, but from here on out it is a write-only, read-never platform. Have a plugin that will post links twitter, which twitter has made more difficult because crossposting blogs doesn’t generate the same level of outrage as “interaction” with the angry twits.