The Seven Sages Project

Has it been 24 years already?

Minor frustrations

Minor frustrations

Surveying the damage on the bot after the event. At first, I thought the weapon was warped as it definitely wobbles when spun. It is not warped. It is perfectly flat. Seems that maybe I ruined some bearings or the pulley is even more ruined than initially thought. I left most of the tools in the truck, so I did no further disassembly.

No matter, time to swap out the drive ESCs. Unfortunately they replaced the pin header jumper with an impossible wire jumper on the scorpion mini. I desoldered it, but I fear I may have ruined something. The drive part shuts down if I go above 20 on the controller for one channel, and the other channel is dead. If I disconnect the motors, it actually notices and dimly lights the red LEDs on the drive channels. I will replace it with my other scorpion mini, keeping it in MIX mode, to see what’s up but I just couldn’t be bothered last night. If that doesn’t get it, then I need to try with the botkits motors.

As (maybe) mentioned before, I managed to attach the Fingertech hubs on the motor shafts a bit too well. Bought a flywheel/gear/hub puller for RC stuff. Hopefully that will do the trick.