Killing off one project, developing skills for work

At the day job I am responsible for running some web servers. The most common piece of software used for running sites? Oddly enough, none. About 60% of the customers use static HTML. Second most common is WordPress. Recently, we are taking on a rather large WordPress site, so it would be a good idea to work with it regularly, break it, make it work better, and all that, so I can make customers happy.

Ultimately, this means I need to give up the dream of writing that ideal web publishing platform as I can’t exactly run a network of sites running WordPress when those exact same domains would be used to develop that other project. I suppose it’s for the best, as I made plenty proofs of concepts, but never found the ideal concept that would make me happy. I can’t even settle on a language for crying out loud!

So, I’m using WordPress, and that’s final. until it isn’t

To make life easier, I’m using MainWP to provide a central hub to manage my various sites. It really comes in handy when blasting out the same plugin to all your sites at once. It’s price, free, is totally worth the price of admission. I am also tinkering around with the various plugins that customers tend to use.