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Updated: 20:31 p.m. (0131 GMT) — 15 May 2024
The eclipse on April 8, 2024 as seen from Malvern, Arkansas
in the United States. There are visible prominences on the
upper left and bottom, and the upper left prominence is 
probably a flare at this point.
This was amazing. It was worth the trip.

Solar Eclipse 2024

While solar eclipses are not that rare, a total solar eclipse that is also conveniently close is a once in a lifetime opportunity. With the path of totality being a short six hour drive, it seemed like this was going to be worth it.

Yes, it was worth it.

Did you see the eclipse? Did you take photos? I want to see your photos! Be sure to tag jhavard on whatever platform you're on. It may not be me, but if there is one thing I know about everyone that goes by jhavard it's that we all like the same things.
The sun during totality

Eclipse 2024

Havard didn't show up to work and the sun disappeared from the sky. These two events were related. The most surprising thing is that I took time off work.

a deteriorating building being overgrown

Meridian 2023

There was a bit of serendipity in that I was planning a quick trip to get some use out of the recently-arrived Pentax 645D when a friend from up north asked if I could hit up an estate sale in Meridian.

trees, swamp, you know the drill

Cypress Swamp 2023

Cypress Swamp on the Natchez Trace, near Canton, Miss.

greenery, soft focus

Soft Yard Work

I love proper soft focus lenses, and to some extent, soft focus filters. Emulating the effect digitally rarely achieves the exact same feel. Not to mention, much like the fixed, tangible, and permanency of film, using a soft focus lens or filter is an artistic decision that can't be undone. Once shot, you have forever committed to the look.

Tasting Brisket: LIVE!
Join us today for a live call-in show where Chungo McCorbwald is joined by celebrity chef Zippo Liberdingus. For today only, watch Chungo and Zip talk about the best ways to prepare, enjoy, inspect, and then consume brisket. We will later learn the optimal technique to convince everyone to not come to your house just because they can smell your third brisket on the smoker this week. They can get their own brisket, or stay hungry. (7 p.m. CT)
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