I started blogging before blog was a word. I wrote my own tools, many, many times to run a web site. These days, however, I find tinkering around with web stuff somewhat boring and unrewarding (that’s a me thing, you do you and keep making awesome stuff), so I eventually switched over to WordPress. Recently, I settled on Divi from Elegant Themes as my preferred theme, since it mostly plays nice with the new Gutenberg editor, it has sane defaults, and doesn’t bog down the server like certain other page builders. That being said, its paragrpah editor leaves something to be desired. Like all good WordPress extensions, it has its own ecosystem of plugins and add-ons that will have you paying $1,000/yr for free software before you know it. I’m using Nextgen Gallery to power the image galleries.

Based on the amazing photo to your left, it should be obvious I’m into photography. I’m also into combat robotics, and not much else these days as just one hobby is enough to sap all your free time and now I have two. I occasionally dabble around with electronics and old computers. On rare occasions I break out my ham radio gear. It became boring quick when my first DX contact was literally on the other side of the world. I won. I can’t go any further.